Ensuring Our Survival..

“ The Ancestors are there saying, ‘Ah, there they still are, still working.’”  – Esmeralda Brown

My nephew, Silas Ke-hv' se LongWhat an amazing experience today has been. The beauty of today was the Women’s Consultation for the UNPFII. To begin such an important undertaking with the Women, says something about Indigenous people.

In the mists of the patriarchal society we find ourselves in, the power we as women posses with our words is extraordinary. As a Native woman, it’s always been taught to me that women bear the weight and responsibility of passing the culture to the next generation.

Let us move forward, teaching and advocating to the next generation the knowledge our ancestors passed down to us. Let us ensure the survival of our Church, so that our ancestors can look down on us and say, “ Ah, there they still  are, still working.”



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