How are We to Move Foward? Together.

It is so good to finally be in NYC! As tired as I may be; I am truly blessed with the opportunities that I have had as a young woman. I just came from the UMC General Conference. I was asked to attend the Act of Repentance service because I sit on the Native American Comprehensive Plan.

One thing I want to truly impress upon my readers, is that the Act of Repentance is for all indigenous peoples, not just Native Americans. I know that there was a few other indigenous peoples sprinkled into the services, but for the most part, the services were centered around Native American people.

My fellow indigenous Sisters and Brothers of the world, this Act of Repentance is for you too. Grasp it, hold tight to it, because we will only move forward in these uncertain seas if we do it together.

My beautiful Church, I commend you on taking the first step in this mile long journey. But it’s a mile long journey, and my hope is that you finish this trek we have now set out on.

May our Creator always keep us in the folds of his sure hands… blessings.

– Jalisa


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