Where does the roads of oppression end and the pathways to enlightenment and reconciliation begin?Taken outside of Oklahoma City University after a heavy storm.

I’ve had the privilege of listening and speaking to a lot of different people during my travels over the past few years. And, I will never be able to get used to the fact that all of our (indigenous peoples) issues and problems and injustices are in fact the same.

In different forms, yes. But my sisters and brothers from the Caribbean, Latin American, African Nations, the indigenous peoples of Europe, and right here in North America, EVERYWHERE, we can be united because we have been oppressed in the same ways for far too long.

Apologies mean nothing to us anymore. The world has been apologizing to us for decades, yet nothing ever changes. Your actions will speak louder than anything you can do. My friend Janice Kim put it in perfect perspective last night, “ They can’t just apologize, and then leave. For as long as you have been persecuted and oppressed, that is how long they should repent.”


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