Soul Stories

I assure you, I will write later. I just wish you all could be here to hear all of these stories. My head is pounding with the injustices of the world. My God, what a terrible, and yet, beautiful world we have. I must think of happy things right now.

Once you hear the story of another soul, their spirit will linger with you always. If you could only see and feel the ghosts and spirits that linger around my feet, my legs, my cuffs, my fingers, my shoulders, my eyes, my mouth, my hair, and my heart.

My mind and soul is over whelmed with these new guests that now feel my space. They are not here out of joy of happiness. But rather out of desperation and need. They put the weight of the world on you shoulders to fix it.

” What can I, a 20 year old little girl from Oklahoma do?”

“Plenty, my Daughter of the World”, they tell me.


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