Monthly Archives: August 2012

A Commitment to Serve!!

The young women in all conferences of our national organization, join hands with Greater New Jersey and the Baltimore Washington Conferences to make a commitment over the next two years. They have said, “WE WILL!” to Discover, Dream, Design and live out the Purpose of a Limitless United Methodist Women.  Nationally, they will bring hope […]

Holy Ghost-bumps

I heard someone use the term “Holy Ghost-bumps” during my time in Durham, and it kind of made me giggle…but then I really felt them at the closing service and commissioning on Sunday morning.   We truly lived out the mission of the United Methodist Women while we were at Duke University.  We went outside […]

Home again and looking toward the (limitless) future

It’s 1:13 am Durham time, and I’ve been home for about half an hour. I’ve dined with my fiance and hugged my cats. In the space of time since the closing of our conference, we’ve all seen yet again the horrible and wonderful things that humanity can do: the shooting at the Sikh Temple in […]

Limitless Celebration

The after – party for our United Methodist Young Women’s Conference was so much fun!  The energy in the room was amazing.  The DJ played music that brought everyone of all ages together on the dance floor.  Everyone at some point was on the floor having a great time celebrating the amazing work we did this weekend redefining […]

Missing U Already

Crashed on the couch in the Limitless Lounge, I watch our gals playing Apples to Apples. They laugh like they have known each other all their lives. I realize I’m gonna miss their bright faces. I’m gonna think of them often. You will too. Breathe a prayer and turn to the bright faces that wait […]

Stay healthy … Take a breath.

The event is coming to an end and the planning for action back home has just begun. But why do I feel so exhausted already? I’m reminded of something I learned in my session called Spiritual Disciplines for Social Justice. How can we serve others if we don’t have anything left in ourselves? Ladies … […]

“ignorance is bliss”

Walking into the Bryan Center at Duke University, my roommate and mentor Dee was stopped by two older women from the state of California asking her to take a picture of them. Through conversation, the women inquired about the reason Dee was here, and the purpose of our conference. Dee explained that the United Methodist […]