I’m a map person. I always feel the need to be oriented, to know where I am. So it makes me feel really awkward to know practically nothing about North Carolina other than the following (possibly true) things:

  1. It is going to be hot there (this is true for all non-Pacific Northwest places in the US during August)
  2. The Eastern border of the state is the Atlantic Ocean
  3. The Western Border of the state is the top of the Appalachian Mountains.
  4. I will be in the South, but despite being further north than Florida (where I was a few months ago), North Carolina is somehow more The South than Tampa.
  5. I may or may not be able to get sweet tea, and the barbecue may have coleslaw on it.

I feel unprepared for flying to Durham for the Limitless Conference not only because I have no sense of where in the state it is and haven’t done the laundry I need to, but because I have hardly had an hour to spend looking over the schedule for the weekend. What’s keeping me so busy this summer? Well, I’m a young adult woman, and I have things to do! Namely:

  • graduate school
  • working 20-40 hours/week
  • planning my wedding
  • being involved in United Methodist politics, which has had me in other states twice in the last three months.

With all that on my plate and a full day of work tomorrow before my 11pm flight, my current plan is to spend my two hours in SeaTac and three hours in DFW tomorrow night/Thursday morning catching up on what it is we’re getting ourselves into. Either that or sleep.

ssmary is a 26-year-old Pastoral Counseling student at Seattle University, School of Theology and Ministry. While at Limitless, she likely misses her 70-degree summer, her two cats, and her fiance.


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