Steps at Duke

Stairs and Steps

You just never know where your steps will lead you…

So I was walking around today on campus…and lets just start with Duke is breathtaking, and not just due to the humidity factor. But one thing I noticed, the stairs around campus. Take a look, they are made of stone and some seem to be worn down as many people have taken those steps before. Now I don’t discredit this wear and tear… I hope that I am stepping into a spot where many people of honor and wisdom have been before. So I started thinking… each step that I take this weekend here at the United Methodist Women’s Limitless event will be just like those steps on campus. Some are new and some steps have been taken many times by the women that have come before us. My hope is we will all be able to look back and see what steps we have taken and draw the connection to the amazing path they are going to build and redefine!



  1. Helen Vannice · · Reply

    Hey aslicia

    Thanks for the post. I will share the site with the Conference Team! Helen

    1. I have noticed the worn-down steps at Duke too! I feel, at times, like those worn-down steps. But being together is so energizing. And I am ready to keep going!

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