We’re all in this together

My traveling companions and I have been in North Carolina now for a little more than five hours. The three of us flew overnight from Seattle (and boy are our arms tired!…), checked in and grabbed a quick lunch. Then we kind of collapsed for a while. Very little sleep combined with southern heat and humidity has us pretty wiped out this afternoon. Add to that the truly remarkable number of stairs between our dorm building and the Bryan Center where we’re having most of our meetings, and it’s no wonder that 2/3 of our group is currently napping rather than making sure to take in each and every one of the six or so activities available before dinner.

I, however, ever the intrepid blogger, am working on the assumption that I’ll sleep a lot better tonight if I don’t nap, and am exploring the various rooms and alcoves of Bryant to keep myself awake. And thus, dear readers, I find myself in the “Computer Cafe”, which is tucked in behind the Reading Program room, and down a ramp from the main level.

On meandering way to this my final destination, I visited most of what was available inside Bryan for Limitless participants. Here are some summaries of what I learned, for those of you who are recovering from your red-eyes.

  • LIMITLESS Lounge. I was only here for a minute, following a group of women in and kind of lurking while the room was explained. The room seems to be doing dual duty as both a lounge for game-playing and casual fun, and the “Getting to Know You Games” that was scheduled to be outside. I chose to fade into the background of this and didn’t participate because my introverted side was showing and I didn’t feel like expending the energy to play games at that moment. I am excited to go back to the Lounge once the xbox is set up and show folks how awesomely bad I am at video games. (Except Lego Star Wars. I am boss at Lego Star Wars)
  • Meet and Greet. I left the Lounge and chatted for a few minutes with Inelda González about how United Methodist Women has been a positive influence in her life. I had heard Inelda share a part of her story at the Western Jurisdiction UMW meeting I attended in June, but it was nice to have a moment to speak with her one-on-one.
  • Orientation! This one gets an exclamation mark because it was fun and helpful. I learned that there are a lot of other people in the same boat as me coming into this weekend: we’re enthusiastic to be here, but we have only the faintest grasp of what it is we’re doing here. I met a mentor from Alaska, and another young adult from the other Washington, as well as some lovely staff members. For me, this was a nice way to get to know some people without having a super structured game like in the other room.
  • Reading Program Room. I have to admit that I only vaguely know what the Reading Program is. I know it’s somehow more than just a book group for UMW members…but that’s about it. I do love books, though, and am looking for books for work about poverty, so there was some excellent browsing to be had.

Which, of course leads us to the Computer Cafe! Four laptops, with nice quick internet and running modern software and operating systems. I highly recommend it.



  1. Kathleen Smith · · Reply

    Enjoying your comments. Young leadership is so vital to the future of UMW. Please keep up your blog. I’ll be watching for more

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I agree! So many great ideas come to United Methodist Women for and with and from young women. They are key!

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