Is there interest in Pinterest?

Is there Pinterest interest??

Social Media… I have grown up with this stuff. And dare I say it, has Facebook really gone out of style already? Just when we think we understand and can finally use one type of social media, three more seem to pop up and take its place. I have to give some credit to the United Methodist Women and the use of all the different types of social media that they have adapted to use, and I should add efficiently!! Facebook, Twitter, and blogging sites include a few… but now we are in a new age… Instagram!! Pinterest!!

So again, I pose that question… is there interest in Pinterest? After a quick google search (which is by no means scientific) I am coming up with a number of about 65% of people are visual learners. So doesn’t this make sense? Something happens in life… take a photo of it. Even, dare I say, the Olympics have gone to this route. Imagine what it was like before video cameras and play backs? Would that gymnast really had a .01 deduction? How would the judge have known? Better yet, Could we debate that?

So for those that may still be living in the Facebook age… Here’s the low down on Pinterest. It’s a website designed to look like a pin-board. A site that allows you to virtually do with pictures, ideas, recipes, etc what we used to do with scissors and magazines. If you need some further assistance, please use this link provided to get the Wiki definition of Pinterest . Wiki always says it best 😉

So how does this relate back to United Methodist Women you ask? I was lucky to be a part of a pretty fascinating conversation last night and it all boils down to, is there a way that United Methodist Women can use Pinterest to help get information out? Would anyone really be interested in this? How would we use it? What should we post? Would you follow the pin boards? And really… what do you think that United Methodist Women should do to get our message out there?

Now I know United Methodist Women aren’t shy… so please comment below.



  1. Dixie Jacky · · Reply

    Pinterest sounds like a great tool. I hope you can take the lead on helping us get up and going with this in our Conference.

  2. I think that if the “Pin It’ button were on some of the articles, we could begin to share them that way.

  3. Linda Tayrien · · Reply

    i’ve used pinterest for recipes and crafts not sure how umw would fit in there.

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