Day of Service

Members of United Methodist Women rehab a house with Habitat for Humanity in Durham.

What I love about United Methodist Women is that they jump in right where they are. These women might never have worked with power tools, but give a woman a drill gun and she’ll know what to do with it.

Yesterday, I sat cross-legged in the back of the film crew’s van, speeding around Durham trying to visit some of the 200 or so women who fanned out across the area to participate in the Ubuntu Day of Service through United Methodist Women.

I stopped by the community-supported agriculture and food education project, Tierra Negra, and stumbled around three gorgeous small bungalows being built with Habitat for Humanity.

Covered with mud or splattered with paint, the United Methodist Women could barely pause from their activity to give me an interview. These women just love getting into the community and getting their hands dirty.

I know that there is some kind of stereotype of United Methodist Women as a group that makes coffee after church or  holds endless meetings. Not here. Not now. Not any more. These young, middle-aged and wise United Methodist Women attending this Limitless weekend are keeping it real. They are doing stuff. They are loving their neighbor by working right alongside her.

I did talk to two of the future owners who will live in the Habitat for Humanity homes. They were grateful. They were impressed with United Methodist Women. But mostly, like the United Methodist Women by their sides, they were busy; they were planting the shrubs and painting the walls. They could barely take a moment to notice that their worlds were getting better right around them.

Thanks for the Ubuntu, women! Thanks for making this world a more livable, beautiful place.

For more photos, check out the ongoing flickr photo page


We interviewed some of the young women about what it means to be a woman of United Methodist Women. Many said, “Ubuntu!” I give because you give; I am human because you are human.


Getting down and dirty with United Methodist Women at the Ubuntu Day of Service.


Yup. United Methodist Women.

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  1. Kathleen Smith · · Reply

    You go girls! So proud of you!!

  2. Yes, Yes, yes and I can’t wait to spread the energy we experience through our Ubuntu back to our conference as I continue to see the face of Jesus as I witness to our friends through service . ” never underestimate what a small group of individuals can do to change the world”

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