“ignorance is bliss”

Walking into the Bryan Center at Duke University, my roommate and mentor Dee was stopped by two older women from the state of California asking her to take a picture of them. Through conversation, the women inquired about the reason Dee was here, and the purpose of our conference. Dee explained that the United Methodist Women were seeking to involve more young women in the fight against social injustice in the world. “What injustices are there to fight here?” Dee told them about human trafficking, and how Pennsylvania (our home state) is actually a hub for human trafficking in the United States. “That stuff doesn’t happen here. That’s stuff that happens in Africa, but not here.” The women continued to talk but were convinced that those social injustices don’t happen in the United States. As Dee walked away, the one woman said to her, “I guess ignorance is bliss…”


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  1. Christina Reid · · Reply

    Ahhhhh. There you are, having a beautiful mountain top experience and the outside world creeps in. Be prepared when you come down from the mountain and into the valley of your home churches—- resistance to change will be there. Take courage–Be strong. Remember that though you will be in the valley, the valley gets flooded first! God will send his healing waters of change and it WILL happen. Ignorance is NOT bliss, TRUTH IS! Blessings to you all….

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