Weeds and Wabbits

This afternoon, my Ubuntu Day of Service project was at the Tierra Negra Farm, which is a part of the Greenspace Initiative here in Durham. I spent about half of the time weeding out corn beds, and the other half helping attach chicken wire to the bottom of a fence to keep the rabbits.

    ssmary drinks her water very dramatically for the camera

We were working in the sun for the weeding, which made for quite a bit of sweat. This photo is actually the cleanest I looked all afternoon. When my sweat started dripping dirt and sunscreen into my eyes, I had to go spray my face with the hose, so the streaks of dirt (which at one point formed a mustache as well as all over the place) were washed away.

Also, imagine the smell of the farm as a mix of humidity, dirt, mint, and compost of all sorts.

It was really lovely.

Now I am pretty sure I’m sunburned and I pulled some kind of muscle in my right arm. But I checked, and I don’t have ticks! So I’m going to bed now, and I expect I’ll try to get something more substantive up here tomorrow.


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  1. That photographer really captured the heat! 😉

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