Limitless Celebration

ImageThe after – party for our United Methodist Young Women’s Conference was so much fun!  The energy in the room was amazing.  The DJ played music that brought everyone of all ages together on the dance floor.  Everyone at some point was on the floor having a great time celebrating the amazing work we did this weekend redefining UMW, Discovering our Gifts, Dreaming of where we see our conference in two years, and creating a vision statement for our teams.  This included getting the word out using a twitter feed.  I am listening to God and my Limitless team as I mentor our vision into the future,  NO more They and Us.   In order  to build a new, redefined UMW team we must all hope, care and believe that the new UMW  “…not your Grandmother’s UMW”,  but our Grandmothers, mothers, aunts, friends and sisters working alongside the new age member to “teach, develop, listen, engage and accomplish the mission of UMW” (GNJ Team).   

As we were walking back from the celebration, one of the young ladies reported that a group of girls suggested to Ms. Marva  that we use Beyonnce’s- Who Rules the World…Girls!  as our Limitless Redefined Conference Theme Song.  What a great idea!  Our Esthers of today are standing up and recognizing that they can and do Rule,  which is what brings change in a hurting and lost world.



  1. Christina Reid · · Reply

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date here at home. We can’t wait to see you all and be “redefined.” Bring it on!!~ Prayers for safe travel home to you all!

  2. Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny… We are limitless… Girls, hold your head high and rule the world! For such a time as this!

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