Holy Ghost-bumps

I heard someone use the term “Holy Ghost-bumps” during my time in Durham, and it kind of made me giggle…but then I really felt them at the closing service and commissioning on Sunday morning.  

We truly lived out the mission of the United Methodist Women while we were at Duke University.  We went outside our walls, performing an Ubuntu Day of Service.  My small group of 12 young adults went to a Habitat for Humanity site in the city.  The houses were existing, not new builds.  We got to experience Mission With, as we worked along side the homeowner and her daughter while planting grass seed and tearing out destructive vines and bushes.  

After that, we split into different small groups for Ubuntu workshops and I was in a presentation by Stop Hunger Now.  If you’re not familiar, this is a great group that works with organizations worldwide that need food.  They support a lot of schools, because education is one of the only ways for developing countries to get out of poverty.  This is a terrific way for any of us to fight social injustices, and to help build up the oppressed.  During the session we got to actually package food that will be sent to hungry children and families.  

These are only some of the great memories I’ll take home from my Limitless weekend.  Certainly, the need in the world is never ending.  But two things are for certain LIMITLESS: God’s Love, and our Potential.

Peace, my sisters. ❤  





  1. Our experiences are truly never ending. Our young women prove that that God selects and calls those who He knows have the greatest potential to live out His word in Faith Hope and Love in Action. Our young women certainly showed the world that they have Limitless potential!

  2. so proud of you Mandy! You work hard to make a difference in the world! I love you!

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