Sakura’s Reflection on Life and Nature

Today we learned about Christianity, Buddhism, and Shintoism and the perspective of
life and nature in all three religions. From the Christian Point of view we
heard from a sister named Yasukao Shimizu who is a committee member
Environmental Issue in Japanese Catholic Council for Justice Peace. She is a
anti- nuclear activist. She spoke on how nature was “fragile” and that related
nature to our “fragile God.” From the Shinto point of view Dr. Hisashi
Matsumoto who is a specialist in Shinto religion, and history in ancient
Japanese concept/culture. He spoke on the two Holy Books on Shintoism, Shinto
believers believe there is a blood relation between human beings and the Gods.
Shinto’s believe there is a God in everything. Shinto’s believe that we should
take care of nature because it is family. From a Buddhist point of view Rev.
Taiki Nakashita he emphasized the importance of facing death. He spoke of his
experiences of pastoral care in evacuees in natural disasters. By taking these
three perspectives we were able to be introduce to global warming, as a social
justice. Climate change is not only a environmental its not only community
based, but globally. We need to take a stand and become aware of this issue!


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