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Misplaced Blame in Immigration Debate

Carol Barton, Executive for Community Action and Coordinator, Immigrant & Civil Rights Initiative May 23, 2013 The United Methodist Book of Resolutions reminds us that migration is fundamentally about the distribution of wealth, resources and jobs in the world.  Our Social Principles (para 163E) state that “In order to provide basic needs such as food, […]

Punishment of Immigrants Is Not the Answer

Senate Bill 744, the immigration reform bill currently being “marked up” in the Senate Judiciary Committee, is deeply punitive, blaming undocumented immigrants for their presence in the U.S. while ignoring the role of U.S. and regional trade, economic and military policy in forcing millions to migrate. It seeks to blame migrants: “make them pay,” “make […]

Seeking Just and Humane Immigration Reform: Assessing Senate Bill 744

On Thursday, April 20, a group of 8 bi-partisan Senators unveiled a legislative proposal for comprehensive immigration reform, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. The bill, if enacted, would represent the broadest changes in immigration policy in the US since 1996. On May 3, United Methodist Women national office and […]