Contact your Representatives for Just Immigration Reform!

The immigration reform process has moved from the Senate to the House of Representatives, where it has stalled.  This Fall, advocates for just immigration reform are letting their Representatives know that we want a just immigration reform this year with a pathway to citizenship and without massive enforcement and border militarization measures.  United Methodists are mobilizing across the country to reaffirm our key priorities for just immigration reform.  These include:

  • Offer a rapid and affordable pathway to citizenship for all unauthorized immigrants
  • Reunite families and keep families together
  • End enforcement practices that criminalize migrants because of their status
  • Address migrant women’s rights:  precarious work conditions, protection and redress from violence
  • Affirm labor rights for all workers

Some Conference United Methodist Women Mission U events have invited participants to send postcards to their representatives, affirming these values.  This is also an action you can take during coffee hour after church this month, in other church gatherings, or by circulating the attached postcards through your electronic lists.  This is a critical time for Representatives to hear that we want to see just immigration reform and what our concerns are.

[For a statement on concerns about the Senate bill, see:  For an overview of United Methodist Women national office principles regarding immigration reform, see:

  • See instructions for the postcard to Representatives action.
  • See postcard for reproducing.
  • Please let us know if you send postcards, and keep a tally of how many postcards and which Representatives are contacted.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to just immigration reform!

Carol Barton,



For a local church or UMW gathering:  Make copies of the attached postcard and cut apart.

For a virtual event:  Share through your Conference, District or Local UMW electronic communications network. Share the link below on how to identify and contact one’s representative.  Ask women to contact you if they send a card, and please keep a tally.

To utilize this postcard, you will need to assist women in providing the name and mailing address of their Congressional representatives.  It is best to mail this to their home district address – the one closest to where members themselves live.  Several websites assist with this based on a person’s home zip code and street address.  Many do not require the street address.  Go to to search for any of your elected officials by zip code.

Use the same web link to print out a list of your state’s representatives with addresses.

Whether you have a list of US Congressional Representatives at your table or whether you have a computer/I-pod/cell phone internet access to search based on zip codes or whether you just invite them to sign and then address the postcards for them later, it will be important to put these into the mail as soon as possible so it will have the biggest impact.

Regarding postage for postcards, see  The current rate is .33 per postcard.

We want to suggest a monitoring of this action – how many actually fill out the card and mail it?  You can  have those who participate fill out the postcard and mail it on their own.  To monitor how many, you could ask them to e-mail you when they have done this.  Or, you can sell postcard stamps and/or take a small donation for postage at the table and mail them yourself.  If you do this, then you can count the number of responses.  Either way, if you keep up with how many send cards, please let United Methodist Women national office know how many postcards were sent and which Representatives received a card.  It is always good to know what influence we are having.  These numbers will also be shared by the General Board of Church and Society with Congress as part of an overall picture of how United Methodists are mobilizing nationally around immigration reform.

Please send any questions or monitoring results to Carol Barton, Office of Community Action at or call 212-682-3633, ext. 3104


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