Plenary for PeoPeople’s Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights begins!

What a colorful and inspiring plenary to begin the week of meetings between peoples from Africa, South America, Asia, Central America, Europe, North America and Australia!  We gathered at the Church Center for the United Nations in the chapel.  The United Methodist Women decorated the altar creatively, as we always do.  The delegates who came in were definitely like having the world gather together with us.  How inspiring to have them all together to be able to dialogue on the important issues that are facing the world’s migrants!  Some of the most powerless people in the world are migrants who face the challenge of being away from home and family, away from their language and their customs, away from protection when faced with exploitation.

I am so amazed that this kind of People’s Global Action can occur.  In our UMW/GBGM delegation are people who work directly to improve life for migrants, to care for migrants and bring justice to migrants.

As well, it is so inspiring that it is United Methodist Women who are providing this site and much technical expertise to the folks coming in for the meetings.  Who would care for immigrant women, unaccompanied minor immigrant children, human trafficking victims, and other migrants if it weren’t for UMW and the UMC and of course, many other churches.  Undesignated giving at its best, UMW!!

The plenary gave the delegates the opportunity to speak for their various continents and review a bit of their process.  We had wonderful music from New York and a preparation for the march on Wednesday afternoon across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Leadership will come from the association of migrant street vendors, who have organized for their rights in New York City.  We are excited to have this opportunity to let the delegates meeting at the United Nations know of our concerns as they also meet to discuss migrant issues.


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