The Saturday meeting at the Church Center

The Saturday meeting at the Church Center for the United Nations gave us all time to get acquainted.  I had met Betty Gittens and Carol Barton before.  They work for UMW at CCUN here in New York.  Carol gave us quite an introduction to some of the economic issues that are important to this week of dialogue at the People’s Global Action for Migration, Development and Human Rights.  After our orientation, getting to know each other and doing an ice breaker to get to thinking about migration in our own personal context, we had some afternoon time to walk around.  Satruday evening, after a delicious ethnic meal, we were amazed and awed by a presentation of a mini-opera about immigration.  The site was the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul (I think without looking).  We were awe struck by the performance, with lyrics taken from various Bible passages, Old and New Testament.  We UMW members were familiar with these from our spiritual growth study entitled “Immigration and the Bible” by Rev. Joan Maruskin.  The choir was directed by Jorge Lockward, another name UMW might know from the Global Praise books which we have used in School of Christian Mission.  Our day was full and is good preparation for the many meetings of the coming week.


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