United Methodist Women in New York for PGA!!

Today is Sunday and we went to a worship service at the Church of the Village in Lower Manhattan. What a great worship service! We liked the liturgical dance by talented twins, the welcoming atmosphere, the amazing sermon by the young (!) woman minister, the encouraging words of the senior pastor Alton Johnson, a retired bishop for our week’s activity and the mission interpretation of a new Church and Community Worker in West Virginia–Holston Annual Conference. I met a native of Council Bluffs who will be marrying his partner in a couple of weeks. The pastor announced that anyone who was interested could join a group spending the afternoon strategizing on the need for changes in the church’s attitude toward LGBT folks so that all the doors of the church could be truly open! What a great worship service for inspiring us for the week to come. Those of us who introduced ourselves as members of the UMW delegation to the People’s Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights were thanked, encouraged and commended by several different folks, including the retired bishop and the pastor. There were also visiting students from South Africa and a couple from the seminary in Monterrey, Mexico, one of whom knew our own Edgar Solis in Muscatine. It was an amazing feeling to think of the global connections of the United Methodist Church and have those acknowledged by folks in the congregation


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