What we must remember about migrants!

As Carol Barton and other colleagues from other church based organizations led us in reflecting on the eight points that have been written about migration we broke up into groups to let all of us chatty people have the chance to share.

All of us affirmed that migration is not a crime and countries, like the U.S., must stop criminalizing migrants.  Migration is a old as the Old Testament.  Migration is not a criminal activity.

We also all objected to the view point that migrants are just economic resources to move from here to there on the global chessboard when countries and transnational corporations need some extra labor.  At one time in history, powerful countries and powerful corporations used the natural resources of the global South without regard to just compensation or care of humanity or nature.  Now the natural resources that were exploited have been replaced by human resources.  The First World seems to be stealing the human resources of the Third World.  We affirmed that human beings are valuable as children of God and not just dish washers, cooks, hotel maids, meat packing workers or more.

It was easy for the many folks in the room to find common ground from our faith perspectives.






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