An Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayers for Worship Service for Migrant Women – Oct. 2, 2013,

CCUN Building

  1. In moments like these, words are far too inadequate to express the groaning, the weeping of our hearts.  And so silence is bliss, for in our silence, the Holy Spirit groans in intercession for us.  Will you enter into silence, and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede on behalf of all of the women, whose stories you have heard here., and whose stories are echoed elsewhere.
  2. In your silence, remember all the women who have travelled across land, continents, oceans, borders to seek refuge, work, and sanctuary.
  3. For the multitudes, many of whom were women and children who have suffered death through religious persecution all over the world.
  4. For victims of the recent bombings of Pakistani Christians, violence in Libya, and for victims of all violence, known and unknown, visible and invisible, all over the globe.
  5. Remember them….remember us.

One comment

  1. Anissa New-Walker · · Reply

    This is beautiful! Inspirational. We are praying! We shared this link on the United Methodist Women’s Facebook page. We will post the October 1 one later today. Keep writing and we’ll keep posting.

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