People’s Global Action and Migration, Development and Human Rights

September 30th

Church Center for the United Nations, New York City

Prayer by Rita L. Smith, President Northern Illinois Conference United Methodist Women

This prayer is prayed with open eyes and open hands.  The arms are extended in front of the body slightly opened.  At the end of the prayer, after saying “Amen” the extended open hands and arms are lifted up to the air and then the arms are moved in an opening manner, releasing the prayer up to the Lord.

Most gracious God, the Creator of us all, the Creator of the earth, all its inhabitants, the sky and the heavens.  We humbly come before you first saying thank-you.  Thank-you for allowing us, as your children to gather in your Holy name.  We come as brothers and sisters from the north, south, east and west to do your will as you command us to do.  At this time, as we speak for the voiceless, those in the margins, the decollate, the poor, the impoverishes, the neglected, those who simple want humans rights and deserve respect, believing civil rights are human rights.  We ask that we speak your words from our mothers spreading your message to the believers and non-believers.  Be with us as we do your will in love.  Grant us grace and mercies, always giving you all honor and praise.  These things we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

Please note, this is posted on behalf of Rita L. Smith, United Methodist Church delegate.


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