Women and Migration Caucus

The international scope of the work to protect the physical integrity and the human rights of migrant women, children and youth is quite breath-taking.  In this one room on Wednesday morning at the Church Center for the United Nations we have leadership by the United Methodist Women with Carol Barton and our intern Katie Steinbach, along with many other women (and men) from other countries.  We have been starting to discuss an amazing document called “Key Policy Recommendations regarding Women and Global Migration.” which was coordinated by the women and Global Migration Working Group.

As we sat in small groups to talk about how to make the key recommendations a reality and the forums where we can present these important ideas, I am humbled by the passion of the participants at this People’s Global Action to protect the most vulnerable and to speak out for the voiceless.

I hope that we United Methodist Women in our communities across the USA and the world can learn more about this document.  So many important points can improve the lives of women and their families.  For instance, full access to health is an important section.  Sad to say the Affordable Care Act that just went into effect in the U.S. specifically excludes undocumented migrants.  Is this just?  Is this going to improve the lives of undocumented migrant women, their children, their families?  Is this going to increase access to health care for the uninsured undocumented migrant?

One of the first points was the desire to lift up women and motivate them to become agents of change.  Sounds like UMW leadership to me!  Are we being agents of change in our communities for women, children and youth when they are migrants!?  As you have the opportunity to read this report  “Key Policy Recommendations regarding Women and Global Migration”  you will find many ways in which we as United Methodist Women, can deepen our understanding of the situation of migrant women in the U.S. and world wide in order to improve their lives.

Our Iowa Bishop Julius Trimble stood to commit to carry the policy recommendations to the upcoming meeting of the United Methodist Church Bishops who come from around the world.  Roses to the Bish!






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  1. You can read the full platform, “Key policy recommendations regarding Women and Global Migration” at the Women and Global Migration Working Group website, http://www.wgmwg.org
    You can also download a poster with a summary of the points!

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