CCUN…A Sacred Space for the People’s Global Action/High Level Dialogue At the United Nations ion’s HLD

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I am a United Methodist Woman. Professionally, I am a Nurse, but as an organization, UMW is an NGO working with the United Nations. We stand for peace and justice for the most vulnerable: women, children, and youth. We work with migrants and persons who are trafficked to achieve Human Rights. This is part of our religious value of building the Kin-dom of God which brings forth Justice, Peace and Lives 0ut Creative Supportive Community as Whole Persons. We work with other organizations. We build coalitions to achieve this goal. This is how we witness to God through our actions. This is Faith, Hope, and Love in Action.

We come together to have a voice at the United Nations. The Church Center For The United Nation is here to welcome us. As a United Methodist Woman, I feel like I am coming into sacred space that was created by the mission giving from my mother’s generation. It shows such a sense of how  our fore-mothers lived out their faith. It is a place where all are welcome. We gather and learn what it means to be a Global Citizen as well as what it means to live out our faith and put our hope into love and action.

As I enter this sacred space, I also have a sense of being on Holy Ground.  Often I feel like we wander in the wilderness when we do the work of justice at the United Nations. It takes such a long time to bring forth our Biblical Mandate to bring forth justice, and yet, we are not alone. As one enters the Chapel, there is a Stained Glass “Eye of God” with the presense of people in the midst of the glass. What a sense of  Stained Glass Grace and a reminder that God is present with us with us as we travel. God weeps with us and shares our tears and our fears as we journey through the wilderness together. The Chapel gives space to let us worship together and gives us time to remember what God calls us to do. I hear the words of Micah in this sacred space… to do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with our God. I hear the pleas of Amos to let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream. I hear the words of Jesus as he is anointed by the woman with the alabaster jar, ‘Truly I tell you, wherever the good news is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in remembrance of her.’ I also hear the echo of Isaiah as he speaks to those who feel forsaken. Even as we feel forsaken, God will not forget us. Isaiah gently reminds us of the actions of a mother who would not forget her nursing child who was the child of her womb. We are inscribed on the palms of God’s Hands.

As we are here as United Methodist Women and GBGM members, we do so with a sense of being part of a bigger picture.


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