LIMITLESS: Redefine Tomorrow is a United Methodist Women event for young women, by young women. It will take place August 2-5, 2012, at Duke Divinity School at Duke University in Durham, N.C.

Conceptualized and created by the Young Women’s Consultative Group of United Methodist Women, Limitless is not to make members but to build leadership.
Authors of this blog are LIMITLESS participants or United Methodist Women staff, sharing their experiences from the event.
Vision Statement
To equip young women of faith to transcend barriers and to do justice in their communities by putting faith, hope and love into action.
Esther 4:14:If you persist in staying silent at a time like this, help and deliverance will arrive … from someplace else … who knows? Maybe you were made queen for just such a time as this (The Message).
The weekend will include the following:
Worship and Bible study: Attendees will participate in a diversity of inspirational faith experiences that lay a spiritual foundation and transcend barriers.
Sessions: Opportunities for enrichment and education will be offered, ranging from plenaries and workshops to labs and education tables working in large groups, medium groups and small conference teams to plan for the future.
  • Service: We will engage in community service (justice and advocacy) activities, including “take-home” training.
  • Redefine tomorrow:We will find ways United Methodist Women can redefine itself in the context of a more flexible structure.
  • Networking: We will use and train in communications tools of all kinds for young women and mentors to connect before, during and after the weekend event.
  • Fun: We will engage in activities to let loose energy, inspire creativity and bond socially.

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  1. Dorothy Kugler · · Reply

    Just would like to say that I hope that this inspiration for our younger generation will continue. I feel that if our teens and younger women involved in these programs would do short videos of their experiences at these events and also their home churches on our UMW website will inspire other young women to become involved with United Methodist Women. This could be a great start for their journey of faith.

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