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Soul Stories

I assure you, I will write later. I just wish you all could be here to hear all of these stories. My head is pounding with the injustices of the world. My God, what a terrible, and yet, beautiful world we have. I must think of happy things right now. Once you hear the story […]


My apologies for not posting in a few days, so much has happened. It all seems like a whirlwind of activity around me, as I stand still to observe. Well, the Forum has convened and hopefully I will get to speak sometime this week! Haha. I have been listening and observing, for more than seven […]

My address to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues of the United Nations

I’m addressing the indigenous people from the world, state members, and visitors!!!

The members of the UNPFII Arive


Where does the roads of oppression end and the pathways to enlightenment and reconciliation begin? I’ve had the privilege of listening and speaking to a lot of different people during my travels over the past few years. And, I will never be able to get used to the fact that all of our (indigenous peoples) […]

Ensuring Our Survival..

“ The Ancestors are there saying, ‘Ah, there they still are, still working.’”  – Esmeralda Brown What an amazing experience today has been. The beauty of today was the Women’s Consultation for the UNPFII. To begin such an important undertaking with the Women, says something about Indigenous people. In the mists of the patriarchal society […]

How are We to Move Foward? Together.

It is so good to finally be in NYC! As tired as I may be; I am truly blessed with the opportunities that I have had as a young woman. I just came from the UMC General Conference. I was asked to attend the Act of Repentance service because I sit on the Native American […]