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A Commitment to Serve!!

The young women in all conferences of our national organization, join hands with Greater New Jersey and the Baltimore Washington Conferences to make a commitment over the next two years. They have said, “WE WILL!” to Discover, Dream, Design and live out the Purpose of a Limitless United Methodist Women.  Nationally, they will bring hope […]

Limitless Celebration

The after – party for our United Methodist Young Women’s Conference was so much fun!  The energy in the room was amazing.  The DJ played music that brought everyone of all ages together on the dance floor.  Everyone at some point was on the floor having a great time celebrating the amazing work we did this weekend redefining […]

“ignorance is bliss”

Walking into the Bryan Center at Duke University, my roommate and mentor Dee was stopped by two older women from the state of California asking her to take a picture of them. Through conversation, the women inquired about the reason Dee was here, and the purpose of our conference. Dee explained that the United Methodist […]

Day of Service

What I love about United Methodist Women is that they jump in right where they are. These women might never have worked with power tools, but give a woman a drill gun and she’ll know what to do with it. Yesterday, I sat cross-legged in the back of the film crew’s van, speeding around Durham […]

Sunday Worship Preview! “One Voice” by the Wailin’ Jennys

Listen to a beautiful song by the Wailin’ Jennys, “One Voice,” that will be sung in Sunday’s closing worship at LIMITLESS!

Such a time as this..

Well, we are all here safely. We had a chance to meet up with our conference teams, tour the beautiful and historic Duke campus, eat in the dining hall, and then worship our amazing God tonight. We sang songs demanding social change (can I get a Ho-yah! anybody?) and most importantly, we looked at the […]

Getting Ready

Sometimes I feel like we’re always getting ready for something.  This morning, I got ready and came to work.  Now at work, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on everything I must finish before my trip to Duke University tomorrow morning.  Yes, I am looking forward to a few days apart from the normal duties […]