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A Commitment to Serve!!

The young women in all conferences of our national organization, join hands with Greater New Jersey and the Baltimore Washington Conferences to make a commitment over the next two years. They have said, “WE WILL!” to Discover, Dream, Design and live out the Purpose of a Limitless United Methodist Women.  Nationally, they will bring hope […]

Day of Service

What I love about United Methodist Women is that they jump in right where they are. These women might never have worked with power tools, but give a woman a drill gun and she’ll know what to do with it. Yesterday, I sat cross-legged in the back of the film crew’s van, speeding around Durham […]


My apologies for not posting in a few days, so much has happened. It all seems like a whirlwind of activity around me, as I stand still to observe. Well, the Forum has convened and hopefully I will get to speak sometime this week! Haha. I have been listening and observing, for more than seven […]

My address to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues of the United Nations

I’m addressing the indigenous people from the world, state members, and visitors!!!

Ensuring Our Survival..

“ The Ancestors are there saying, ‘Ah, there they still are, still working.’”  – Esmeralda Brown What an amazing experience today has been. The beauty of today was the Women’s Consultation for the UNPFII. To begin such an important undertaking with the Women, says something about Indigenous people. In the mists of the patriarchal society […]