On Wednesday, September 16, the staff of United Methodist Women took a walk around the East Village to learn about inequality. We ended the tour in the West Village at Alma Mathews House, a modest townhouse built in 1888 by the Woman’s Home Missionary Society as a sanctuary for immigrant girls and women. The residence, […]

Ending Mass Incarceration: The Ongoing Call to Faith Communities by Lissette Castillo and Janis Rosheuvel The crisis of incarceration this nation now faces demands people of faith act with swift and fierce moral authority to transform, not just reform, an irreparably broken system. It demands that all of us—clergy, seminarians, teachers, and people in pews, […]

There are countries that have walls. And we think, Well we don’t have walls in our country. And we see militaristic writing on those walls. And we think, Well we don’t have hurtful or hateful messages in our country. Or we see streets draped in offensive flags. And, once again, we think, Well we don’t […]

When they were young, they were lauded as heroes, having sacrificed themselves and contributed to the economy after the war. The government told them that the money they brought in would rebuild a ravaged Korea. Fifty years later, these heroes are literally being pushed from their homes, unable to pay the heating bills. “Now that […]

This morning I was doing photo research, finding pictures for the annual report and I came across this picture. I was moved to tears by this photo. This picture says quite a lot about United Methodist Women. The women work where they are needed. They are not too anything — not too old, too female, too inexperienced, […]

At the Ecumenical Advocacy Days, Response interim managing editor Mary Beth Coudal caught up with Ann Price, from Mitchellville, Maryland, a member of United Methodist Women for more than 20 years. Like hundreds of other activists, Ms. Price was learning about and lobbying in Washington from April 17 to 20, 2015 to raise awareness on […]

Christian activists and advocates from all over are gathering in Washington DC this weekend, April 17 to 20, to educate one another on how to reform the justice system in the US. This is the 13th annual ecumenical social justice gathering. This year’s theme is, “Breaking the Chains: Mass Incarceration and Systems of Exploitation.” As usual, […]


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